B&M Brown Bread

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Being a Californian, when I think of New England’s Finest, I think of clam chowder, or maybe Tom Brady… Not once do I think of canned Brown Bread. Brown Bread however is a popular regional staple of New England going back to the days of the Pilgrims. As practicing puritans the Pilgrims would cook the bread, along with baked beans … Read More

Underwood – Roast Beef Spread

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Underwood Spreadable Roast Beef

I’m a big fan of roast beef.  Since probably the time I discovered deli sliced roast beef in high school, it’s been my go to sandwich meat.  There’s just something about that thin sliced beefy goodness, paired up with some sharp cheddar cheese, deli mustard, fresh tomato and lettuce, all piled between 2 slices of bread, that seems to make … Read More

Hormel Tamales

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Hormel Tamales

If there’s one thing I absolutely love, it has to be a Tamale!  Delicious steamed masa, filled with beef, chicken, fruits, you name it, wrapped and served in a corn husk (or banana leaf in some parts of Central America). The tamale may seem like a simple fare, but the one ingredient that matters most in a tamale is love. … Read More

Pampa – Fancy Octopus

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Fancy Octopus Featured Image

When you hear the word fancy, you think of high class, shiny clean things, nice cars, big houses, extravagance. Never do you think of the word Octopus. But now combining the two words, Fancy and Octopus together, if you’re anything like me, you’re picturing an octopus with a top hat, bow tie, and monocle. This image in my mind made … Read More

Chicken Ready – One Whole Chicken In a Can

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Chicken Ready Featured

Canning food has been a long held traditional way of preserving food, dating back to the late 18th century when Napoleon offered a cash prize to find a way to preserve food for his troops.  French cook and inventor Nicolas Appert successfully won this challenge when after 14 he discovered that if food is heated enough, and then sealed in … Read More

Loma Linda Fried Chik’n

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Loma Linda Fried Chikn

13% of Americans identify themselves as Vegetarian or Vegan, creating a whopping $1.6 billion market for soy and plant based alternatives to meat. One major player in the meat alternative industry is Loma Linda, who produces a line of plant protein based meat analogs, and is popular among Seventh Day Adventists due to the denomination owning the company until it … Read More

La Choy Chicken Chow Mein

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La Choy Chow Mein

Merriam-Webster’s website provides two definitions for Chow Mein – The simple definition describes it as “a combination of meat, mushrooms, and vegetables with fried noodles that is served in Chinese restaurants in the U.S.” while the full definition describes Chow Mein as “a seasoned stew of shredded or diced meat, mushrooms, and vegetables that is usually served with fried noodles.” I’m fondly … Read More