Lay’s Southern Biscuits & Gravy Flavored Potato Chips

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I remember a time back in the 90’s when it seems like the giant food conglomerates decided to all experiment with crazy ideas… Crystal Pepsi, Heinz EZ Squeeze Funky Purple and Blastin’ Green ketchups (thought technically it was introduced in 2000… but we’ll call it the 90’s for the sake of this article), various foods that were made into cereal … Read More

Trans-Ocean Seafood Snackers

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SeaFood Snackers Featured

By now, we’re all familiar with the Alaskan King Crab Fishing industry. One that hosts the most dangerous job in the world, resulting in a fatality rate 80 times higher than the average job. But what if we could avoid this all together? What if we could live in a world where we spare the lives of crab fishermen through … Read More

Tijuana Mama – Pickled Sausage

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Tijuana Mama

When one makes frequent drives between Sacramento and Los Angeles, you often find yourself grabbing something to snack on in one of the many lone gas stations sprinkled along the 5.  Gas station snacks come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors. From a great treat, to the shittiest of shitty foods.  On one such recent trip, I found the Tijuana … Read More

SPAM Snacks

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Spam Snacks Feature Image

SPAM was introduced by Hormel in 1937, and gained world wide popularity during World War II due to it’s long shelf life making it easy for the military to purchase in large quantities and ship out to soldiers. Pacific island nations and territories are among the biggest consumers of SPAM with Hawaii having a greater per capita consumption than all … Read More