Mountain America Jerky – Smoked Rattlesnake in a Can

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After I posted a recent review on Facebook, I received a comment from my wife’s uncle….

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Little did I know, the Amazon package my wife had just received at about the same time he posted this, contained exactly that… Canned Rattlesnake.

Now, upon receiving this can, I wasn’t sure if this was a prank or not.  If I were to open it, would I actually see snake, or would spring loaded prank snakes pop out?  After some research, it looked as if this was the real deal.

Colorado based Mountain America Jerky, the makers of various jerky and exotic meat products since 1997. They tout the Smoked Rattle Snake as a decadent and delicious treat for your taste buds, ready to heat and eat out of the can, or mixed in with wild rice or mashed potatoes.

Snake Bone Warning

One of the concerns I’d have with mixing it out of the can with wild rice or mashed potatoes is the warning on the label about the bones.  It would seem to me that this could really make it difficult to quickly and easily mix it without encountering a lot of bones.

Snake Ingredients

Having never had canned snake, I was curious as to what came in the can. Was it a whole long snake curled up in the can? Was it chunks?  According ingredients on the can, it seemed to be a pretty basic set of ingredients – something that you’d expect from other smoked products – though I’d typically rather have smoked products fairly fresh, and not something that has been in a can for an unknown period of time.

Snake Can Open

Opening the can I had expected, as with other canned foods I’ve had, to get a strong smoke smell.  But there really wasn’t much of a strong smell.  Inside however was a can of brown watery broth.  Without draining the can, I did could not see any snake meat.  So my theory of a coiled up snake in the can was definitely not correct.  I didn’t know if that was better or worse than what was to come.

Snake Plated

What hid beneath the water, like a snake in the grass, was a shredded mass of meat an bones.  I could easily say 50% of it was bone. Small bones, big bones, all running through the meat.  This would not have been something easily mixed into mashed potatoes. Unless of course, you plan to give someone those mashed potatoes in hopes of them swallowing a bone and feeling the sharp jagged ends painfully embed it’s self into the inside of their throat.  Then, yes, mix away!

The mouthfeel was much like the chicken in a can from a previous review I did. Despite being drowned in brown snake water, the meat was very dry.  The smoke flavor was also very strong with this.  Despite the can saying “natural smoke flavor” I was almost certain I was eating something that had been doused in liquid smoke.

And though the product it’s self did not lend it’s self to any future placement in my pantry, my daughter decided she wanted to model with it…

Coraline Modeling

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  • Appearance
  • Taste


I was really hesitant on doing this review… Just the sound of something smoked in a can was enough to make even ME ready to back away… but adding the fact that it’s a snake… yeah…

The two biggest problems with this product is the smoke flavor and the poor meat to bone ratio. I’d be open to trying snake again, however fresh and if smoke, using a lighter wood like apple or cherry, instead of the more flavor intense woods like mesquite or hickory. Based on what I had, snake seems to be a little bit of a more delicate meat, so treating it as such with delicate flavors would probably go a long way.

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