White Castle – Frozen Hamburgers

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Being a California native, we pride ourselves in being the home of the greatest burger chain of all time – In N Out. Though in the shadow of our amazing California burger empire, many other regional chains have held their popularity among their respected territories; Whattaburger in Texas, Krystal in the southeast, Culver’s in the northern midwest, and White Castle … Read More

Underwood – Roast Beef Spread

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Underwood Spreadable Roast Beef

I’m a big fan of roast beef.  Since probably the time I discovered deli sliced roast beef in high school, it’s been my go to sandwich meat.  There’s just something about that thin sliced beefy goodness, paired up with some sharp cheddar cheese, deli mustard, fresh tomato and lettuce, all piled between 2 slices of bread, that seems to make … Read More