Burger King – Whopperitto

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Growing up, my dad had a very particular eating habit.  It always fascinated me.  He would take left over spaghetti and meat sauce, and put it in a tortilla. Without fail – if we had spaghetti, and there was left overs, it would wind up in a tortilla. Well, why not? Isn’t the tortilla just a vessel to deliver the … Read More

Burger King – Mac n’ Cheetos

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Burger King Mac n Cheetos

About two weeks ago, my social media channels began blowing up. I couldn’t escape it… Friends, family, and readers of this blog wrote in, sending their requests, and now it’s happening.  We’re reviewing Burger King’s Mac n’ Cheetos. As of this writing, the Mac n’ Cheetos have been on the market at select Burger King locations for just over a … Read More