Burger King – Whopperitto

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Growing up, my dad had a very particular eating habit.  It always fascinated me.  He would take left over spaghetti and meat sauce, and put it in a tortilla. Without fail – if we had spaghetti, and there was left overs, it would wind up in a tortilla. Well, why not? Isn’t the tortilla just a vessel to deliver the … Read More

White Castle – Frozen Hamburgers

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Being a California native, we pride ourselves in being the home of the greatest burger chain of all time – In N Out. Though in the shadow of our amazing California burger empire, many other regional chains have held their popularity among their respected territories; Whattaburger in Texas, Krystal in the southeast, Culver’s in the northern midwest, and White Castle … Read More

IHOP – Denver Omelette Burger

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When I think of IHOP, I immediately think pancakes.  And why not? It’s the International House of them! But today, we’re going to take a look at something completely different from the IHOP menu. Formed in 1957, IHOP quickly became a popular dining destination for those looking for a fast casual breakfast dining experience. The restaurant chain currently has over … Read More