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This week we had family in town.  My wife’s aunt and uncle came in, and along with them her uncle brought something his brother had shipped him from Iceland. Hákarl. I’ll leave most of this post to the letter we received along with the Hákarl as it really does the job well describing what we got to eat… This Icelandic … Read More

Burger King – Whopperitto

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Growing up, my dad had a very particular eating habit.  It always fascinated me.  He would take left over spaghetti and meat sauce, and put it in a tortilla. Without fail – if we had spaghetti, and there was left overs, it would wind up in a tortilla. Well, why not? Isn’t the tortilla just a vessel to deliver the … Read More

Hormel Compleats Dumplings & Chicken

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After a week’s hiatus, I’m back! This time with a change of scenery.  Currently on a family vacation on the beach in Ventura.  Its been a beautiful week, full of fun, sun and sand… but alas, I can’t escape the clutches of shitty food. In picking up some items at the grocery store for our beach vacation, I came across … Read More

Underwood – Roast Beef Spread

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Underwood Spreadable Roast Beef

I’m a big fan of roast beef.  Since probably the time I discovered deli sliced roast beef in high school, it’s been my go to sandwich meat.  There’s just something about that thin sliced beefy goodness, paired up with some sharp cheddar cheese, deli mustard, fresh tomato and lettuce, all piled between 2 slices of bread, that seems to make … Read More

Chicken Ready – One Whole Chicken In a Can

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Chicken Ready Featured

Canning food has been a long held traditional way of preserving food, dating back to the late 18th century when Napoleon offered a cash prize to find a way to preserve food for his troops.  French cook and inventor Nicolas Appert successfully won this challenge when after 14 he discovered that if food is heated enough, and then sealed in … Read More

Tijuana Mama – Pickled Sausage

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Tijuana Mama

When one makes frequent drives between Sacramento and Los Angeles, you often find yourself grabbing something to snack on in one of the many lone gas stations sprinkled along the 5.  Gas station snacks come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors. From a great treat, to the shittiest of shitty foods.  On one such recent trip, I found the Tijuana … Read More